The world of wine is complex and can be very intimidating. At, we recognize and appreciate all the intricacies the wine world offers. We want to open the doors for easy introduction and understanding, offering a language that everyone speaks. Wine should ultimately be enjoyed with friends and family. Our “lightning reviews” aim to help our readers acheive one goal: expand an understanding of wine with quick reviews from our house wine guru. 

Bourgogne Chardonnay Vielles Vignes 2014

Maison Roche De Bellene
Bourgogne, France
Overall, this is a solid Bourgogne Chardonnay. Medium to full body, meaning it has a decent “weight” in the mouth. Flavor is inviting, and aftertaste lingers.

Notes: Lime, Lemon, Green and Yellow Apples, Oak, Butter, Light Minerality.

If tasting a wine, and being able to talk about all the nuances amounts to anything, it is this. Holding your nose high and claiming a wine tastes of walnut, coriander, and vanilla means nothing if you can’t pair it with food. 

Best Pairings: Pasta, Rich Fish (salmon, Tuna, etc.), Shellfish, Mild and Soft Cheeses, Cured Meat.

While some may think observing wine is pretentious, the real function is to identify flaws. This skill certainly becomes useful if you’re serving wine at a private event, or hosting clients at a business dinner.

Appearance: Daybright clarity, no evidence of gas or flocculation.
(Note: unless a wine is “unfined” you really want to make sure a wine has some clarity. You don’t want it to be murky, foggy, muddy, etc.)

Aroma: I’ve had my bottle open for a good minute, and I’m getting some very prominent notes of green bell pepper, minerality (smell of wet rocks), and subtle citrus.
(Note: There are flaws to look out for. They are hard to pick out at first, but once you’ve identified these flaws, you will NEVER forget it. A corked wine is a big one for me. There is a very notable smell, and I liken it to cardboard that has been left out in the rain, then stored in a basement for over a month. To learn more about corked wine, check out this YouTube video)

“Whenever I drink wine, I ask myself one question; Do I like it? This is all that matters. For this wine, yes!

It is very easy to drink. As a medium-bodied white wine, I would probably stick to drinking this during dinner. Crab legs and butter would be fantastic with this!

Average retail is around $21, according to Vivino.

This wine was purchased at Vino Venue. Be sure to check them out if you’re local to Atlanta!”

-Shane A. Swor