Shane Swor is a young professional living in the Atlanta area. He lives by the philosophy that work and life should be harmonious to one another; in other words, find a way to make a living off doing what you love.  In January of 2018, Shane joined the Jay Austin Bow Ties team as the President of the VIP Bow Tie Club. Readers of the blog will be able to find many of his writings posted throughout the site, ranging from spirit reviews, book suggestions that you should add to your list, content from his own projects, interesting people to know in Atlanta, and more.  In addition to contributing interesting reads to the blog, he will also be working closely with Jay Austin to continuously improve the experience that Jay Austin Bow Tie VIP members have with their memberships. 

I met Jay Austin for the first time at a private event that the Pro-Mozart Society and Atlanta Music Club were sponsoring in Atlanta. We were invited by a colleague, Trevin Dye, to attend a Holiday Gala at Ferdinand Seefried, Hon. Consul General of Austria’s  home. After making introductions, our conversations soon led to men’s style, and inevitably bow ties. There was noticeable synergy from our first conversation, and soon following that event we were discussing future collaborations with To prime the canvas, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you a little about myself:

Where I come from
Born and raised in Atlanta, and obsessed with business. Throughout my professional career,
I’ve always been simultaneously analytical and creative. I skipped college and jumped right into
the corporate world, starting with sales and eventually moved into operations. Getting into the
workforce immediately after highschool led to finding a passion in engineering business
operations, building new or existing departments in medium sized businesses, and developing
my team members to become strong, effective, and inspiring leaders. Of course, most of my
growth and development come from amazing mentors that I was incredibly lucky to find at such
a young age. If it weren’t for them, with their patience, self-awareness, and leadership (the most
important skills I’ve learned to develop), my success wouldn’t have come as swift as it did.

Where I am
My recipe for success is 1 part autodidacticism, 1 part strong mentors, 1 part growth mindset,
and 3 parts execution; a bias for action.
Before I was 25 I had restructured a customer service department, built it from 3 to 17 full time
team members while seeing high double digit profits year over year, developed successors to
the roles I moved from, and launched a new department in quality assurance for non food
products. Now, I currently generate and manage web content for various
companies/organizations across multiple platforms; leading their execution on digital marketing
strategy to engage their respective markets and acquire new customers.
In 2018, I joined the leadership team with the Millennials Chamber of Commerce as the VP of
Events and Life Enrichment. In this role, my goal is to deliver world class events for all
attendees and members of MC2. I will also develop an extensive, cross-functional program
within our New 3 Model that will focus on the New Life pillar to educate others in: well being,
health, happiness, travel, culinary experiences, fashion, luxury, sustainability, and more.

Something interesting about me
One of the most interesting choices I’ve ever made in my life was to live with an order of monks
in the Atlanta area. I did this for 2 years and my goal was to ultimately develop self awareness.
By chance, the abbot decided to interview me as part of his course work in obtaining his
masters in Theology. What we discovered is that we were able to have constructive
conversations, even though we strongly disagreed with each other on various subjects. Finding
this platform for discussion to be an important tool for students and professionals to model, we
launch Common Ground Discourse on January 2017. The podcast started as a passion project,
but one we are now looking at scaling for professional (C-Level management) purposes.

What I do for fun
I believe that building relationships is one of the most valuable aspects of being human. I often
do this for myself, and/or for others by hosting small scale to medium scale parties. Atmosphere,
food and beverage, music, and even the guest list play a huge part in the synergy and success
for relationships/connections to flourish. As a bartending/cocktail enthusiast, I generally
entertain from behind the bar while also engaging the attendees. Usually, I’m either talking
shop, helping others figure out how to overcome a challenge in their respective lives, or
strategically connecting attendees so that they walk away with new opportunities from the event.
This may sound odd, but this is actually what I think is fun; it’s not just about making cocktails.


I look forward to contributing to this blog, working with Jay as he continuously elevates his brand, and meeting our members at public events in the Atlanta area.

Shane Alexander Swor

President | Jay Austin VIP Bow Tie Club


What does it mean to Live the Bowtie Life?

“The Bowtie Life isn’t necessarily comprised of commandments or rules to follow as to live the most fulfilled life; indeed it is the opposite. It is the act of grasping, not the thing grasped; the how, not what. This brings us to purpose, which is one of the fundamental common denominators found in those who are living the Bowtie Life. Your purpose will never be what you think it ought to be based on what others want from you. It is sculpted through your observations of the world, and by what inspires you. Living a life of purpose and meaning, enriched by our experiences and the relationships we forge in our life-long journey to satisfy our appetite for wonder is what living the Bowtie Life is about.

To build off what was said above, how to live the Bowtie Life doesn’t require a how-to-manual. For those of us who do live the Bowtie Life, we have discovered a common principle that overlaps. To quote Ernest Hemingway, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” When it comes to the fashion and style world especially, it is all too common that there seems to be a sense of competition unrest. A mandatory strive to be better than the rest, to outperform the rest, to drive faster cars, live in bigger houses, to make millions and retire before you’re 30. What do these all usually have in common? They’re self serving, and the fuel one draws from to meet these goals in many cases is to the detriment of their fellow man or woman.

Read that quote from Hemingway again.

When your purpose is fueled by being a better person today than you were yesterday, your lifestyle changes. When you’re only focused on becoming a better version of yourself, you can simultaneously focus on helping others without the delusion of being threatened.”

Projects and Affiliations

Millennials Chamber of Commerce | VP of Events and Life Enrichment

Common Ground Discourse | Co-Founder and Co-Host

Inuhele Atlanta Tiki Tour | Intoxicologist
A Jay Austin Bow Ties sponsored event