Jay Austin Bow Tie King of Atlanta

Bowtie King Of Atlanta

Once homeless, Jay Austin known as the Bowtie King of Atlanta found his way back on his feet. His journey allowed him to see life through a different lens. Interpersonal relationships started to have more depth. Less, became more when it came to material things. Seeing the details in life that often times we miss because we are consuming life instead of living it.

If there is one accessory that exemplifies those who walk a different path in life and prefer the view from the front of the crowd it is the bowtie! Jay sees his bowtie as his personal declaration of independence from his life of existing. Many lessons, experiences, places, relationships, finer things, books, and yes styles are things the Bowtie Life is worth exploring. After all, we are the sum of our experiences!

In life, those who came before us leave us “breadcrumbs” of life lessons, knowledge, parables, and commentary on the view from their perspective at the moment. Jay and his handpicked thought leaders and influencers will assemble those “nuggets” of insight into a succinct forum for your enjoyment and personal growth. It was once said.”The only way truly knows if you understand wisdom is to share it with those who seek.”