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Joe Peluso

Joe Peluso

Dr. Peluso and Spotlight Dental have been providing excellent care for communities for twenty years.  His purpose is to educate and inform patients of opportunities and navigate treatment decisions based upon each patient’s desire, calendar, and checkbook.  Dr. P has found that each of these is unique to everyone and important to building a collaborative experience.  We look forward to providing you with that experience through this forum and helping you take your next step in oral health!

An Exclusive Interview with
Dr. Peluso, Owner of Spotlight Dental 

BTL:  What made you choose Dentistry?

Dr. Peluso: I chose dentistry after graduating with a degree in business and working for several years in the computer industry 1985-1994.  I found a desire to work in healthcare and I chose dental school after evaluating the opportunity to impact communities and manage my own lifestyle needs. Best decision I ever made! I grew up in the restaurant business with my grandpa and dad and I most enjoyed interacting with a variety of people in the community.  In dentistry, I’m able to continue this while providing a complex technical service in an enjoyable way.  Our most rewarding experience is seeing someone unveil their personality because of healthy improvements we’ve helped them make in their oral care – it’s our Dental High Five!

BTL: What are some things people should consider when they are selecting a dental office?

Dr. Peluso: Like any personal service business, you should like the people providing your care.  That’s the best barometer.  If you don’t have a dental home, ask family and friends for referrals – they’re still the tried and true method for finding the best service for you and your family.  Specifically, try to choose a location that’s convenient to where you spend the most time (home, work) – this will help alleviate those ‘excuse’ days when it just seems too far to go!  Also, if there’s an emergency to address, you’ll end up rearranging less of your schedule if you’re close to your area of travel.

BTL: Tell me a little about the differences in traditional braces and Invisalign Braces.

Dr. Peluso: Traditional braces involve bonding brackets onto the teeth in specific places to affect the position of the tooth.  Clear tray aligners (Invisalign, Clear Correct) use a method to fabricate clear trays designed to apply light force to each tooth.  Either method can produce the desired results but I find the clear trays are usually a little faster because of the efficiency of the force.  Clear trays are also considerably more esthetic and have the benefit of being removed if there’s an important presentation to be made or event to be attended, family pictures, etc.

BTL: Tell me a little about the 100 history Peachtree Collier Dental that you find fascinating?

Dr. Peluso: Peachtree Collier Dental (Spotlight Dental Buckhead) has a nearly 100 year legacy of care in the Buckhead community.  The practice was started after WWI by Dr Witherspoon Wallace, continued by his son John Wallace who was later joined by Tommy Owens and then Marion Stafford.  The fact that a single practice has been in continuous operation for almost 100 years is astounding.  I’m thankful to be the current steward of it’s transition to continue care for our patients!

 BTL:  Share with me where you see the dental Industry in 5 years?

Dr. Peluso: Like most of healthcare, the future of dentistry is in a state of transition and growth which creates a lot of exciting opportunities!  Our techniques and materials are improving geometrically and therefore the dental patient’s experiences will be improved.  I believe 3D printing of teeth will become a mainstay which will make repair and replacement of defective enamel, fillings and whole teeth a routine thing.  Also, the need for repositioning teeth for ideal biting and chewing will become more significant and more than an elective option for most adults.  One thing that will never change – the need to brush and floss effectively and daily.  In our field, biology rules and without this daily combat, a dental patient will spend more time with us than they’d likely prefer.

BTL:  What are some topics you are going to be covering with our followers in 2018? 

Dr. Peluso: I will spend some time talking about very common issues and questions every patient has in our offices.  Our primary focus with every patient is to educate and inform and find a comfortable intersection with their calendar and pocketbook.  These are very real elements in making decisions and we offer a collaborative conversation on each need.  Our mantra is ‘the best and least expensive time to fix something is right now’ and we use that phrase as a guiding principle for everything we do. We sincerely have our patient’s best interest at heart and we have found that many people come to see us for this reason.