How to execute on this quote:

Visualize what you want. Once you have the goal in mind, reverse engineer it. Think about what it will take to get to every step leading up to that goal.

Once you have that process map, start executing. Plan your tactics, your objectives, your milestones, and your criteria for success. 

Do your actions match your ambitions?

In his book, “Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men,” Ryan discusses the changes he wanted in his life. These things are elements we all want; more free time, more money, fulfillment in what we do for a living, better health, etc.  It is easy to dream of the end goal, and perhaps some of us don’t reconcile the fact that the attractive things in life are a hard won battle most of the time.  This quote reminded me of another book I plan on reading very soon, called “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There.” From what I’ve gathered, it is the perfect book to expand on this quote.  My Take: Your next big accomplishment is going to require something from you that you’ve not explored yet. Landing the job for Director in a fortune 500 company is not as difficult as landing the role for C-Level Executive in another, equally large company. That will require so much more than the efforts it took to become a director. What got you to the position of being a director, won’t make it all the way to C-suite. You’ll have to do more, prove more, and be more.