Dr. Oscar Rodriguez was a long time lover of cigars growing up in the Dominican Republic. It is party of the culture to smoke cigars from a young age, it was a tradition his family was active in. He has chose to pursue this tradition with passion and create GTO Dominican Cigar and GTO Tabacalera Dominicana. A cigar smoker since he was in his early 20’s, Oscar has a keen talent for blending very tasty cigars that adhere to his family’s rich Dominican Republic tobacco growing and cigar manufacturing roots and traditions. What most people like most about the personable cigar maker, who now splits his time between the Dominican Republic and traveling throughout the Southeastern United States, is that he is most approachable and enjoys talking with fellow cigar smokers at events, shops and lounges. There is nothing he loves more than sharing a smoke with his patrons & clientele.

generation Cuban seed tobacco on their farm within the fertile soil of the Valle del Cibao in the Dominican Republic for some 96 years. In 2010, after learning the craft well from his father and other family members involved in the cigar tobacco growing and manufacturing business (who offered him more than 80 years of cumulative experience in the planting, growing and cultivating of cigar tobacco), Oscar launched Tabacalera GTO Dominicana and to manufacture his own GTObrand of premium cigars.

The Tabacalera produces innovative and unique cigar styles and blends, while still adhering to the tried and true methods that have proved successful for decades. Oscar’s creations there range from mild and medium strengthed blends to “sticks of dynamite” using triple ligero to create a full bodied powerhouse. This can be seen with his, innovative, Doble Capas (two wrappers) barber-pole style cigars and Pain Killer line, in both maduro and corojo wrappers. GTO Cigars is a small, boutique manufacturer, one that focuses on using the finest tobaccos that are aged to produce a limited batch of quality, premium cigars. Oscar will never rush thousands of prematurely aged cigars to market. We hope you try one of our GTO cigars and you will soon notice GTO’s commitment to quality.