Common Ground Discourse was founded in 2016, and launched at the beginning of 2017. In the first year, my podcast partner Brother Kenneth Hosley and I dove in to some of the fundamental conversations that our respective camps of thought engage in. These conversations were lengthy. While it was fun for us to engage for the sum of 1-2 hours, we found that listeners weren’t able to consume the content in a way that aligns with the overall goal of Common Ground Discourse; to engage in civil discourse and inspire interlocutors to reach common ground with progress in mind. In the video above, we discuss this a little more in depth. Please enjoy! You can find us on the platforms listed below, or at our website at

So, you might be asking, how does this fold into For starters, both Br. Kenneth and I pay close attention to details when it comes to men’s style. This is completely tangetial to our program, but nevertheless we have respect for it. Similarly, the Bowtie Life includes this type of behavior. To engage with others who may not agree with you 100%. To not only stand your ground with your opinions, but also being open to change for reason. This may sound contradictory at first, but it is dangerous to follow other opinions at the expense of not thinking for yourself. In addition, you don’t want to shut off all other opinions and thoughts for the sake of pride, stubborness, group think, echo chamber, etc. There is a balance, and this balance for growth, critical thinking, and unity is one of many aspects the comprise the Bowtie Life. As a result of overlapping visions, Common Ground Discourse and are partnering to bring our readers a unique experience. We hope to hear from you!

Shane A. Swor
President | VIP Jay Austin Bowtie Club
Co-Host of Common Ground Discourse