Where : Fontainebleau Miami Beach

When  : Friday March 16th, 2018 6:30 pm – 10:30pm

The Bowtie King of Atlanta will be living the Bowtie Life in Miami March 16th at the Cigar Aficionado Big Smoke. Now I know some people might think premium cigars is not for them. The cigar culture is just much a draw as the cigar is, no pun intended. You leave your title and ego at the door and submerge yourself in the aroma, fellowship, and your surroundings. I once read time is the one thing that once it is spent you can never get it back. You can’t rush when you are smoking a cigar and in most cases, it is time well spent alone or with others who enhance a moment in time. No person ever said while on their death bed if I had just worked one more day. To the contrary, it is the moments spent enjoying simple pleasures we will look back in our minds and see them as precious. There is another special thing about the Big Smoke. It is a pilgrimage of every cigar smoker. No matter how much you know about cigars or how many you have smoked. Until you have been to at least one Cigar Afficando Big Smoke you are once credit short on your Cigar Aficionado Status. Many people like myself have never been and had to listen to others share their stories about the journey. The conditions are favorable. My schedule finally lined up, my time has come! For all of the guys like me, I am going to chronical the experience I have been waiting for and I am sure many other guys are in the same line. #livethebowtielife

Featuring the following Cigar Companies

  • A. J. Fernandez Bellas Artes
  • A. J. Fernandez San Lotano
  • Aging Room Small Batch
  • Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art
  • Alec Bradley Tempus Natural
  • Arturo Fuente
  • Casa Fernandez
  • Cohiba
  • Cornelius & Anthony
  • Diamond Crown
  • Don Pepin Cuban Classic
  • El Artista
  • E.P.Carrillo Core Plus Club 52 Natural
  • Hamlet Paredes
  • Joya de Nicaragua
  • La Aroma de Cuba
  • La Aurora
  • La Flor Dominicana
  • La Palina
  • Macanudo
  • Mbombay-Gaaja
  • Micallef Experiencia La Crema
  • Nat Cicco HHB Connecticut
  • Nub
  • Oliva
  • Padrón
  • Plasencia Cosecha 146
  • Regius
  • Rocky Patel
  • Romeo San Andres
  • Tatuaje
  • Trinidad Santiago
  • Undercrown Churchill
  • Undercrown Shade
  • Ventura Archetype Axis Mundi
  • Villiger L