Welcome to the Bowtie Life! It’s not about fashion, it’s about style. If you live a life of purpose this is the lifestyle forum for you. Two things in life ring true to me when it comes to mental stimulation.

     1. Exposure broadens the mind.

     2. The question that goes unasked is the most important one.

With that in mind, we invite you to follow along, share, enjoy, and add to the conversation of the Bowtie Life. We live in a digital age and the protocols are changing at light speed. Do you have a trusted source to help guide you? All of us have teeth. Have you every connected with Dentist to connect the dots on your oral health? Do you enjoy fine spirits and wine? It is a journey in and of itself. How about premium cigars and all the ancillary things of that culture. Have you ever engaged a person who holds a real patent? What is on your reading list? Do you “Network” or “Net-weave”  and what is the difference anyway? Do you know the elements of style? You know sometimes fashion statements lie. We will give perspectives from some industry experts.

Generation X connecting with Millennials connecting with like minds of all ages to exchange ideas and experiences that are around us all but we might miss. Don’t just exist. Live the Bowtie Life.