I’m a firm believer that all bow ties should be self-tied. When you tie them, there is an imperfection that gives the bow tie its sense of charm and novelty. While asymmetry is fun and unique to a self-tied bow tie, I find myself adjusting it throughout the day to level it out. This preference will differ from one bow tie wearer to the next. If you’re like me though, and constantly find yourself making adjustments when you look in the mirror throughout the day, this simple trick may just be the best one you’ve learned with bow ties. Follow the below steps to keep your bow tie in its place all day long.

Step 1. Get a bobby pin. I have tried this trick with a few household tools, including paper clips, but found this to be the most effective.

Step 2. Pull away the front end of the bow tie spread, to reveal the folded leaf. Depending on your dominant hand, this will vary to which side it is on. 

Step 3. Pinch the back side of the folded bow tie leaf to the placement on the collar that will hold the bow tie in the position you want it to stay in. 

4. Using the bobby pin, carefully use it to fasten the back leaf of the bow tie to the collar. 

5. Push the bobby pin all the way through until the end is flush with the collar and/or bow tie. At this point, it should be barely visible.

6. Fold the front end of the bow tie spread to reposition it appropriately. 

7. You’re finished! Now enjoy the rest of your day knowing you won’t have to adjust your bow tie to a level position.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, bow ties draw much of their character from being askew, imperfect, and quirky. You don’t want one that looks symmetrical, machined, or… pre-tied. The goal here isn’t to take steps in that direction, so there is no shame in letting your bow tie do its own thing through the day. This approach is simply for the man/woman who finds themselves constantly adjusting the knot, and for those individuals, I hope this helps!