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Author: Shane A. Swor

Tobacco Pipe Introduction

The world of the tobacco pipe is truly a journey. In this podcast we got a chance to interview Master Pipe Smoker Dean Gunlock of D&D Cigar and Pipe shop in downtown Hiram, GA. We cover some of the appeal to smoking a tobacco pipe as well as the kinds of tobacco to enjoy. Getting started is the most important part of your journey. Then you relax and explore the...

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How To Get What You Want, When You’ve Never Had It

How to execute on this quote: Visualize what you want. Once you have the goal in mind, reverse engineer it. Think about what it will take to get to every step leading up to that goal. Once you have that process map, start executing. Plan your tactics, your objectives, your milestones, and your criteria for success.  Do your actions match your ambitions? In his book, “Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men,” Ryan discusses the changes he wanted in his life. These things are elements we all want; more free time, more money, fulfillment in what...

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Forget About Your Weakness, Go All In On Your Strengths

How to execute on this quote: We all can do a few things very well (and it is realistic to acknowledge that strengths come and go over time). You never hear “Master of all trades, failure of none.” Follow this formula: Experiment – Fail – Learn – Repeat When you fail, as we all must,  identify and learn from your shortcomings then drive on. When you repeat the process, base your experiments on your strengths. Strength vs. Weakness. What should you focus on improving? Let’s dissect this 1 by 1. There is a very important message here. 9 or 90:...

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