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The Art of Depth Color Wheel

What Color Say About You Most of us don’t usually wear our favorite color, but the colors we DO wear can have a similar meaning. Eleven  Base Colors Black is a color that imparts power; however, too much black can be, well, overpowering. So be cautious not to over-do it, and offset it with colorful accessories. Black is also popular in fashion because it’s classic and elegant. White clothing can help you look clean and innocent. It also can imply that you’re an organized and detail-oriented person. Too much white can wash you out, so add something bold and bright to break up...

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Socks Have A Long History

One of my mentors told me to always take care of your feet. You will need them all your life. I was not sure what he was trying to illustrate until he asked me what is the first thing you do when you get out of bed? You put your feet on the floor so take care of your feet. He also helped do the math to see the importance of paying a little more for a quality shoe. I was from the school of thought that just went with the most in expensive shoe. If you understand what...

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Cigar Aficionado Big Smoke Miami

Where : Fontainebleau Miami Beach When  : Friday March 16th, 2018 6:30 pm – 10:30pm The Bowtie King of Atlanta will be living the Bowtie Life in Miami March 16th at the Cigar Aficionado Big Smoke. Now I know some people might think premium cigars is not for them. The cigar culture is just much a draw as the cigar is, no pun intended. You leave your title and ego at the door and submerge yourself in the aroma, fellowship, and your surroundings. I once read time is the one thing that once it is spent you can never...

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