It is another typical Monday night. I’m at the penthouse with my buddy (Marcus Bearden), we’re working on our respective businesses, typing away at our computers. I suppose it is almost customary for us to open a bottle of wine or craft cocktails for the evening. As he says “Drinking is part of my job description… no, really.”

Being a home bartender enthusiast, and him having a WSET level II certification, it goes without saying that we not only appreciate a good cocktail… we try to understand all levels of a great cocktail: ingredients, decent spirits, process, etc.

Recently, he was bitten by the Tiki bug; an evergrowing resurgence in the Atlanta area, and arguably all of the US. As a result, I gifted him a bottle of allspice dram (pimento dram) produced by Saint Elizabeth. My personal opinion is that you can add this to literally any drink to make it better. . . literally. . . any drink.

So, we are browsing a few online cocktail recipe repositories, and Marcus finds the Allspice Old Fashioned. I make a few, and the result is ethereal. Many people try to categorize cocktails by season. This is undoubtedly best placed in the fall-winter or, if you’re a dessert addict like me, after dinner with any baking-spice heavy dessert. However, with just a few small modifications that we included below, it became a year-round beverage. Which, if you ask me, is the best kind because…well…we drink year-round!. Without further preamble, the cocktail is below.


-1.5 oz Bourbon Whiskey
-1 oz Allspice Dram (Saint Elizabeth preferred)
-Dash of Angostura Bitters
-Dash of Orange Bitters

Mixing Instructions

In a mixing glass, add all ingredients. Add a cup of ice and stir until well chilled.  Strain into a lowball over fresh ice. Express and garnish with a lemon peel or an orange peel. 

Note: Expressing a peel is to squeeze the peel over the beverage before garnishing. This allows essential oils to contribute a wonderful aroma.