Bowties come in so many different shapes and sizes. With seemingly endless designs, patterns, textures, etc. it can be difficult to determine which varieties of bowties to own. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start, or simply want to audit your current wardrobe, I’ve provided a list below for 8 essential bowties that every man should own.


Paisley is a classic pattern, and it goes with virtually any ensemble. The Jay Austin Atlantis Bowtie is a great example.


Best known for preppy outfits or regiment, the striped bow tie should be a part of any collection. Best to do some research on color combinations prior to purchasing, if symbols are an important factor to you. 


Floral patterns are perfect for spring, sure, but more so the pattern is a tacit statement of confidence and comfortability.  


Houndstooth, which is the larger, uniformed pattern from the Prince of Wales check, is a pattern that will never go out of style. Invest in a bow tie of this pattern, and you’ll always be able to wear it. 


We all know the red tie as the “power tie.” Some reference the psychological image of authority that it gives the wearer, but I call it a power tie because red is just one of those colors in menswear that will go with any darker color suit. Charcoal, navy, green, black… you name it. It is a power tie because it goes with literally everything.


Micro patterns are fun, and integrate well when you start to build on multi-patterned ensembles. When it comes to micro-patterns, go with printed rather that woven. Every man has facial hair, and woven micro patterns run a higher risk of snagging the bow tie, creating frays. 

Polka Dots

This bow tie pattern was worn by many notable historical figures such Winston Churchill. The polka dot pattern lends itself to being a great choice for casual looks. Wear it with a sports coat or tweed coats. 

Black Silk

An iconic piece to have in your wardrobe for the events you’ll be invited to that require a tuxedo. Concordantly, you can use it to give any of your suits a different look than a normal necktie would.

Tying it All Together

All the styles above are great starting points for any collection and even better extensions to existing collections. With each of the above, you’ll always have an easy way to tie your ensemble together and look exceptionally dapper. This allows you to start with one of each of the above styles to kick things off, plus more. Take your time browsing the selections at Something to strongly consider is checking out the Jay Austin VIP Bowtie club. 

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