Volunteers needed to serve at Operation Thanksgiving Breakfast at the Nicholas House Transitional Homeless Shelter for Families.

This volunteer breakfast is an excellent opportunity to serve and provide fellowship in our community on Thanksgiving Morning and still, have the rest of your day to enjoy with your friends and family.

As many of you know I once found myself in the ranks of the homeless for 3 years. This is why I am passionate about giving a hand up and not a hand out to the homeless. One thing that I noticed when I was homeless is the lack of genuine fellowship that you lose when you have no place to call home. This is why Operation Thanksgiving Breakfast is smaller and more intimate.

The Nicholas House is a carefully monitored residence so you MUST RSVP to serve at this volunteer opportunity. Jay Austin Bowties is spreading the word out to our friends, family, and followers. Before the event,  we issue a needs list. Everyone is asked to bring an item from the list. We will have staggered volunteer shifts starting at 5:00 am, 6:30 am, 7:00 am & 8:00 am.

The Nicholas House is located across the street from the Atlanta Zoo on Boulevard 830 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30312.

 Register Here . Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I look forward to another special Breakfast at the Nicholas House Transitional Homeless Shelter for Families.

Thank you,

Jay Austin CC,CL


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Nicholas House

Nicholas House is a nonprofit agency that operates a transitional housing shelter as well as scattered apartment sites for homeless families. We assist homeless families in making the transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency in a structured but home-like environment. Nicholas House (NHI) is committed to assisting its families attain three goals that form the basis of self-sufficiency:

  • Earning a Living Wage
  • Maintaining the Physical, Mental and Social Health of Parents and Children
  • Maintaining Safe and Stable Housing

Nicholas House understands that providing basic sustenance – food and shelter – is necessary but not sufficient to prevent most homeless families from becoming homeless again.

Addressing the Root Causes of Homelessness

We help families address the causes of their homelessness by offering counseling, case management, assistance with life skills and parenting and other supportive services targeted to each family’s individual needs. Families are eligible to participate in NHI programs for up to 12 months. After they graduate, they are offered an additional two years of Aftercare Services so that they can cement the gains they made while in the program and maintain their self-sufficient lifestyle. That’s just one reason why NHI increasingly is the benchmark by which other homeless programs in the Atlanta area measure their success. Learn More…

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My name is Jay Austin and I am the Bowtie King of Atlanta.

As co-founder of Jay Austin Bowties headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we specialize in designer hand-cut bowties (jayaustinbowties.com). People have a zest for life in our city and beyond. We call that zest “The Bowtie Life.”

Style. Cigars. Food. Fashion. Travel. Spirits.  All are what to see and do in Atlanta, Jay Austin style, of course. Our calendar on this page will allow you to stay up to speed on events and places to visit to live the Bowtie Life. To sign up for our newsletter visit jayaustinbowties.com. Business and life are all about connecting the right people and building a strong network. You can be a part of that when you follow us at BOWTIELIFE.NET.

So, follow along with me and our friends and discover more to life in Atlanta — and beyond.

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Azul Motorsports

Everybody laughs when they see little kids making zoom-zoom, squeally wheel noises and pretending to drive fast. Put a toddler in a grocery cart seat and go around an end cap making those same noises, and the kid’ll crack up with delight and holler “Do it again!”

You’re all grown up now and want the real ride. If you feel the need for speed, you’ve come to the right place.

From our certified and safe Ride-Along Program in one of our blazing race cars to parts, service, answers, and supplies for the motorsport enthusiast supplied by strategic partners: Our passion is your passion. Learn More…

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Ashton Cigars

ORIGINAL: These small-batch beauties feature glorious, dark-brown Nicaraguan wrappers and a robust, well-balanced blend of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos.  Full-bodied in strength, these munificent morsels boast bold flavors of earth, cedar and spice along with a lovely aroma marked by subtle notes of dark chocolate and black cherries.  San Cristobal offers profound complexity in every puff; maintaining an incredible balance between Pepin’s trademark powerful flavor-profile and Ashton’s supreme finesse and smoothness.  This is one of the finest cigars on the market, bar none. Learn More…

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Jay Austin Collection Bowties

Modern technology may be able to reproduce a standard bowtie perfectly a hundred times. But, only a great seamstress can create something that is both anatomically correct and entirely sui generis, suiting both the mind and body. We customize our bowties to perfectly fit the wearer by offering five different bowtie shapes so that the bow tie is neither too big nor too small for men of all shapes and sizes. Any man can purchase a bowtie, but few can have one commissioned to be made exclusively by Jay Austin.
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City Club of Buckhead

The Bowtie Life starts in the lobby of the City Club of Buckhead! Located in the heart of the Atlanta Financial Center 18 floors up it has a commanding view of the downtown Atlanta Skyline to the south and a grand view of the largest piece of exposed granite in the world, us locals call it Stone Mountain. The City Club is a private members only dining club that has over 1000 members and growing. From the well connected executive to the fledgling-entrepreneur, it is a mecca for those who understand it is not who you know in Atlanta, but who knows you. The club offers a world class wait staff and Executive Chef, Pastry Chef, and Sous Chef to prepare culinary delights for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Membership also comes with full athletic club privileges because a healthy body is paramount for a healthy mind. Learn More…

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Peachtree Collier Dental Care

With almost 100 years of history in the Buckhead area, Peachtree Collier Dental is your place for friendly and high-quality family dental healthcare. Learn More…

Cutters Cigar Emporium

Cutters Cigar Emporium in Alpharetta, Georgia is Atlanta’s premier destination for the ultimate cigar smoking experience. We are Georgia’s only My Father lounge and offer a unique blend of well-known and boutique premium brands, as well as accessories. Our well appointed lounge is a perfect place to relax in a deep, leather chair to watch the game, work at the high top tables, or enjoy the outdoor patio. At Cutters there are no strangers, only friends you have yet to meet. Learn More…

Spotlight Family Dental

Spotlight Dental is your one-stop dental office in the Cumming area.  Come experience our friendly and high-quality dental service. Learn More…